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NWP Indigenous Policy

NWP Coal Canada Ltd. (NWP) strives towards meaningful relationships with Indigenous Peoples and communities
based on the values of honesty, integrity, courage, and respect. NWP supports reconciliation with Indigenous
Peoples and communities where NWP does business through recognition of Indigenous rights; the diversity of
Indigenous cultures, histories, and future aspirations, and by working with Indigenous communities to pursue
lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

As an organization we endeavor to: 

  • Follow the spirit and intent of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP)
    and its guiding principles.
  • Recognize and respect the deep personal, community, and cultural attachment of Indigenous Peoples to the
    land and resources where NWP does business. 
  • Create opportunities for NWP and Indigenous Peoples and communities to learn about each other’s:
    perspectives; interests; concerns; and aspirations. 
  • Work with and gather feedback from Indigenous Peoples about our projects and our plans, including input
    related to avoiding, minimizing, mitigating, offsetting impacts. 
  • Incorporate NWP’s understanding of Indigenous interests, values, knowledge, and ways of knowing into
    NWP decision making. 
  • Collaboratively build systems to develop benefits for Indigenous communities, following Indigenous People’s
    self-identified priorities, including (but not limited to):

o Capacity building
o Direct and indirect employment
o Education and training
o Procurement and business relationships.