Crown Mountain Coking Coal Project NWP Coal Canada LTD

A proposed source of high-quality coking coal within the Elk Valley of south-eastern British Columbia, Canada

About Us

We proposed to build a better Project for the environment and our neighbours

We are building our team based on expertise, experience, and local knowledge

NWP‘s Board has experience in developing and operating successful coking coal mines


NWP operates a healthy and safe workplace with a target of zero harm.

NWP considers health and safety a core value and will work with all employees and contractors to make being safe more than just words on paper.

NWP will equip, train, and support all employees and contractors to build a culture of safety for themselves and those around them.


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    We will build proven and innovative environmental controls into the Project design.

    We understand that early and ongoing engagement with Indigenous communities and stakeholders is key to our success.

    The Project is conducting an environmental assessment for BC and for Canada. Later permitting steps will review detailed designs and plans.