Crown Mountain Coking Coal Project - NWP Coal Canada Ltd


Hard Coking Coal Project is a proposed metallurgical coal mine with access to existing transport infrastructure



The Crown Mountain Coking Coal Project is based on three pits that would access high quality coal with low strip ratios. The first pit to be opened would be the East Pit, followed by the North Pit and then the South Pit.

The processing plant would be constructed directly adjacent to the pits and the waste rock storage area. This would reduce haul distances for the raw coal as well the haul distance for plant reject and dried tailings that would be used as part of source control within the waste rock storage facility.

Waste rock would be placed as pit back fill as much as possible with all of the remaining waste rock placed in a bottom-up layer-cake style facility designed to manage water quality.

Clean coal would be moved by conveyor from the plant down to Grave Creek. From there it would be carried by highway style trucks on the Grave Creek Forest Service Road to a load out facility located next to the existing railway tracks in Grave Prairie.

Using highway trucks for the clean coal haul would minimize footprint and safety concerns on the Grave Creek Forest Service Road. NWP would not need to restrict public access and would only need to widen the road to a 12 m running surface – far smaller than what is required for mine haul trucks.

Clean coal will be stored in a tent structure which would significantly reduce dust and water quality impacts from the coal stockpiles.

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